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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Publicity..its damned cool

Well, this quarters Enterprise association Autumn Diary 2003 was bizarrely almost packed to the gills with Soulsailor shots... you can order your copy or even extra copies through the Ent Association web site

Usually there is maybe a stark mention of some kinda position in some event, but for some strange reason there was a whole host of entries for me, James and the plastic tank buster....

The mentions went as follows:

Page 19
The coolest picture of the year of me and James laying on the shore of St.Mary's Loch @ the Typhoon Grand Prix!

Page 29
There's mention of James and Anita at the Irish Enterprise Nationals

Page 39
We are disappointingly though, mentioned in the Nationals results for this year @ Porthpean...

Page 53
A mention in the Midland area news for leading the Double-Chine series again...and we managed to keep the lead and win it again this year :-)

Page 55
Picture of me an' James @ Shustoke...

Page 60
Pic of my boy Rowan and James's woman Anita @ Draycote Typhoon prizegiving...

Page 61
Mention of us in the results from the Midland Areas - 5th place...

Page 64
Barnt Green, mention of us, there was a protest, we weren't happy...We'll say no more... Gggrrr

Page 73
Good pic of us, boat flat and looking fairly fast @ Midland areas at Northampton..pic is in colour on Martin Bottomleys site...

Page 75
Us at the prizegiving @ St.Marys Loch....

Well that's about it but I have to say it was a bumper issue this season..But no mention of SoulSailor... must try harder to get us publicized next year!

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