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Monday, December 29, 2003

The Proper Plum Duff

Well guys, courtesy of Tony Cropper from up tut north (father of Roving Reporter and Soulsailing Anita) here is the full and proper report of yesterdays festivities....

I would love a pic of the actual plum duff if anyone has one...??

Plum Duff Delph SC December 2003

The day started cold and very windy from the north along the length of the reservoir. Some of those launching from the shelter near the Club House should have noticed the white horses on the water. They soon did. 29 boats attempted to sail.

Race 1
The start was near the embankment. As the boats launched the wind strengthened even more, so several boat never really made the start. The safety facilities were stretched. Several boats were parked on the embankment and crews returned to shore. There pecking order for the event was set from the start with the Enterprise(22901) of Paul Young and James Holmes(Birmingham Brookvale SC) and Supernova(553) of Andy Flitcroft (BoltonSC) getting to the front on the water, the various RSs were finding the conditions very demanding. Only 9 boats completed the race, the question of abandonment was in the Race Teams. Only two boats didn’t capsize Paul and James in the Enterprise and the GP14 of Peter Gribbins and Nigel Ball, in fact they were the only two boats that didn’t fall in the water all day. On corrected time Enterprise 22901 won by 2 minutes from the Supernova followed by the Enterprise(23007) of Louis Moulden and Andy Taylor, the Solo of Marc Starbuck, the GP14 and the Laser of Phil Worth.

Race 2
After lunch the wind had moderated slightly, but rose again as boats launched for the start. Although fewer boats launched only 10 boats finished (les than half of the fleet). The Supernova got to the front with the Enterprise(22901) able to hold position on the beat but loose out on the off wind legs. Louis Moulden had had to change crews, being joined by Stephen Cronshaw who had found his RS300 difficult in the conditions. On corrected time the Supernova won by 50secs from Enterprise(22901) and Enterprise (23007) followed by RS200 (Mathew Sharman and Jenny Brindle), the Solo and then the Enterpise(22893) of Karen Taylor and Anita Cropper.

Race 3
Only 10 boats made the last races. Many helms wished they had waited as the windy moderated considerably although with the occasional flurry of hail/snow. Again the Supernova battled with the Enterprise(22901) as it all depended on the last race. Again the Supernova was able to pull out on the off wind legs. At the end on corrected time the Supernova won by 30 secs from the Enterprise(22901), followed by the Solo, Laser RS200(321) and RS200(332) of Martin and Barbara Smith.

The prize of Plum Duff was gladly shared by the full Club House. £124 was raised for the RNLI in donations as entry fees.
Thanks must go to the Safety Boat crews and the Bosun’s Team who were manning the boats on the water for most of the day.

PLUM DUFF Dec 2003 Results:

1 Supernova A Flintoff
2 Enterprise P Young & J Holmes 3 2
3 Enterprise L Moulden & S Cronshaw
4 Solo M Stabuck
5 RS200 M Sharman & J.Brindle
6 Laser P Worth
7 GP14 P Gribbins & N Ball
8 RS200 M Smith & B Smith
9 Miracle K Sharman & A Stepehenson
10 Enterprise W Oldbury & G Stephenson
11 LaserRadial P Manning
12 Merlin G Minns & A Pilkington
13 Enterprise K Taylor & A Cropper
14 RS200 S Cryer & S Strabuck
15 RS200 D Hopkins & JDavies
16 Topper J Hopkins
17 Miracle B Worrall & S Worrall
18 Laser A Baron
19 Topper R Baycroft
20 RS200 C Moore & J Hothersal
21 RS300 S Cronshaw
22 Laser T Morgan
23 Laser D Hill
24 Enterprise R Baycroft & R Shires
25 Enterprise D Blackburn & F Blackburn
26 Enterprise S Mason & P Lyon
27 Solo J Cronshaw
28 Topper S Mason

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