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Monday, December 01, 2003

I'm back and I'm sorry :-(

So, it been week, 2 many weeks since I last posted here, sorry, really very sorry... I did attempt to post last week but while I was typing IE crashed on me and I lost what I was typing so I gave up... work has been too hectic...

So, onto the subject(s) I should be talking water skiiing... nope...ah yes sailing, blue sails, swearing, getting wet and getting drunk.. I remember now... so where were we last time... just aboput to do the Midland AGM race.. OK so, better later (maybe) than never, heres what I should have posted a few weeks ago :-)

If eye remember rightly it was a fairly light wind day.. misty, damp etc that greeted the very keen Ent sailors for what is the last event of the year for most... the plan was, rig, yeacht, de-rig, Sunday lunch, AGM, proze giving and then tearful goodbyes until the new year... so this is how it went...

The format of the AGM race is quite unique and cool.. whoever won the Double-Chine series goes last and the rest of the qualifiers go in intervals before them leaving poor me and James a whole damn 7 minutes behind the first boat....and SOOO annoyingly, Mr.Honnour, who managed to scrape in and qualify for the series, ended up 5 bloody minutes infron of us.. this wasnt gonna be easy to catch-up, even Commodore-Johnny was 2 mins ahead and with the kool northern superstar, Anita crewing for him, so we were basically stuffed... hen the OD chucked in a beauty of a course to confuse us all - it basically consisted of starting on the outside of the lake, sailing to a "central buoy", rounding to port, then back out to the next mark along, then back into the centre, again rounding to port...etc etc etc.... so, you ended up tracing a course like this:

Groovy baby..... I said earlier, in lightish winds the racing commenced, after taking the pss out of most of the starts, me and James well an' truly messed up our "run up"..Doh! The race was fairly normal, going round in pretty shapes, having a chat, getting annoyed with certain yachters who just defy common sense and well just sailing, as always, and its a credit to the Enteprise fleet, it was a right bastartd trying to get passed peopel and we didn't really succeeed in progressing through the fleet as we would have liked, the course didnt help, but it was fun, and that was the aim of the after around 80mins of yachting Martin Honnor exited stage right with a northern win over us midland-nancies!

So sailing over the beautiful "tank busters" was put to bed for the winter... she's done ok for the few months she's been "active".... Sunday lunch was as always, great and it makes a change to be chatting with fellow yachters without the help of G&T's4a£1 !!

Then it was onto the serious stuff..the AGM, well that passed withought any suprises, a bit of voting, some reports etc, then they decided they needed to elect 2 new Midland reps onto the Enterprise National Committee - Midlands SC and infact the whole of Birmingham fell silent, noone moved, then whispers were heard... Anita, Ant and James started discussing stuff... then as if in some kind of hallucination Ant & James said they would do it...then as if in some strange parallel universe where people were always drunk, always had beer-goggles on and never spoke sence, the nominations were seconded...that was it, me and James were voted was minuted and everything!!!! Anita tried to console us by saying she would be a rep for the North and so could keep us company.....she never happened, and so its just me and James against the rest of the committee... we better think of some sensible things to say as the next meeting is on the 13th Dec!!

OK so thats the last of the sailing caught up with, so what else has been happening in the Soulsailor worls, well not a great deal of water related things unfortunately, Ajmes and I have been discussing the virtues of carbon fibre Jib sticks, Mr.Estaugh is selling them, a fair bit more expense than the normal ones... but are they worth it? Not sure, wonder if Santa has any going spare? Any one used them, sen them touched them, got an opinion on them - let me know if you have...

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