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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Soulsailor Video - Do Ents need more Publicity?

I've been thinking about the kinda decline of the Ent fleet over the last few years, Nationals Champs not pulling in the punters and even the top class Typhoon series not performing quite as it should, and I it got me to thinking what kind of image and publicity does the Ent fleet need to turn things around.

We all know that the boat is great, that competition all through the fleet is fierce and that socials and friendships are fantastic - the G&T Team can vouch 4 that!, so what does the fleet need to raise its appeal and swell the ranks??

In the age of digital media, should the class be doing more to improve its image - do we need more high-profile events? Do we need a few big stylee events during the winter? What about team racing events - the boats well suited (apart from the repair bills) and hey lets face it team racing happens in normal events, why not have events deicated to it :-)

So, with digital media bein' so damn cheap and easy these days, does the fleet need a homegrown Enterprise Soulsailing Movie that we can dish out to sailing clubs, at events and show at Sailing exhibitions - you know the kinda thing:

The sun rising, the camera moves from the golden sun burning a hole in the water over to Soulsailor and Jet-Set-James finishing doing their early morning yoga session, they pull on their SoulSailor thongs and shorties, put on their shades, hoist the rags and go planing off from the shore in a perfect blue sky force 5. Camera zooms in as they surf down the waves, carve gybe and then flat line in a tsunami of spray towards a mark where they park-up, eat a pie, have a beer and do an interview on camera about keeping the Soul in Soulsailing. The chilled music then turns to a heavy dance track the camera blurs and focuses on Gez, Yer-Martin-Honnor and the Soulsailors in a mad tacking duel upto the windward mark - Soulsailor comin in on port heading for the patch of H20 that Gez and Honnor are in, mad manouveres, collisions, bleeped out "conversations" and then as the music fades to another chilled out track the camera pans out to see 3 Ents planing, surfing, gybing and basically buggerin' about at high speeds off towards the sunset... boats merge into the sun, picture blurs and clears in the bar.. G&T's everywhere, crap dancing and Ent sailors havin' fun.....

Now does that sound like a cool promo video or have I just wasted 5 mins of my life typing crap...?

Let me know - the Ent Midlands AGM is comin' real soon and I'd happily tell 'em your views - email me or put them on the chat board...

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