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Monday, October 06, 2003

Nights are drawing about you?

So, weve pretty much finished the season for another year, just a few Opens and some of the silly, wear shorts and t-shirt break the ice and go sailing events left before spring comes round again... so, unless I can become very imaginative, this sites gonna get quiet for a few months... well, I dont't want that so, I guess I'll spend some time, redesigning some areas, adding things to other areas and idly gossiping about anything to do with water, wind or you yachters..... and trying to get you guys to contribute to the site, let me have your ideas for what you want on the site, stuff you wanna moan about or comment on...

To kick-start this, I thought i'd have a COMPETITION I need you guys to design a SoulSailor Logo I need some kind of logo/picture to have on the site any maybe to incorporate into stickers, clothing and stuff, have a think, get drawing and send me what you come up with, I promise that every entry will appear on the site and we'll either have a vote on the final winner, or if theres one I particularly like, it'll win - well its my site, my rules (I know some other sailors like that!)

So, send in your entries and the winner will win a coooooool prize....get doodling

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