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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

RYA Appeals ???

Well today I got a nice letter from the Royal Yachting Association informing me that case 0718 was being taken forwards.... what the hell...?

After re-reading the covering letter 5 times wonderin' who the hell i had annoyed, I realised that this was all to do with a "small" incident a while ago detailed in post Staunton Harold Enterprise Open - Flies, a Jury and we're all late home for tea Thats the one where I ramble on about an incident and us rightly winning the ensuing protest, meaning that we got 3rd overall.... well the buggers appealing, I guess he did say before he left the protest that he was going to consider appealing, but I never thought he would, it costs £20 to do this.....

So now I get the chance (in the next 15 days) to send the RYA comments on the appeal - best keep it clean..

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