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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Irish Ent Nationals - Day 3 & Overall

So today there was more breeze (force 5) and a nice lumpy sea... but more bad luck for Jon & James... turns and all sorts happened to my guys, capsizes for some of the other UK guys and basically not as much luck as they all deserved.... the overall results after 3 days of what sounded like damn fine sailing are as follows:

Overall Irish Enterprise Nationals:
1st Ger Dempsey & Pete Rowley
2nd Tim Goodall & Ann Marie
3rd Fry Brothers (UK)
4th Marty Cuppage & Chris Nolan

Overall UK Positions:
9th Karen Taylor & Anita Cropper
12th Baz & Julie
13th Johnny & James
16th Paul Young & Paul Holmes
17th Andy Taylor & Kathryn Mayfield

So well done to Chris and Al for keeping the "British end up", hope you had planety of good craic for your efforts tonight! Well done to the rest of the crew for goin' there and having a good sail..

Sounds like the partying went very well for most, even if the yachting didn't come up with goods, and another damn fine Irish Enterprise Nationals....

Well, lets hope that James has finished all his bad-luck now and we can look forwards to a return to normal good form for the Scottish Leg of the Enterprise Typhoon Grand Prix series at St Marys Loch this coming weekend...

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