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Sunday, August 03, 2003

Enterprise Nationals 2003

So, the sensible overview and results of this years Nationals is as follows.

There were about 55 boats this year, another downturn, and with the Worlds in Ireland next year and most people wanting to do those, it does make you wonder how many people will make it to Abersoch for the 2004 Nationals....

The weather for the week was pretty dire... Rain was a common theme for all days except for Friday, no wind Saturday meant no practise race, Sunday there was a decent breeze and both races were thrashed out, Monday was blowing, but before we coyuld get on with a good blast about the race officer canned the racing for the day - well safety has to be his priority and not beaming grins from a handful of nutters who can't see through the spray! Tuesday blew again but this time there were grins from everyone who made it round, although the course was a bit "too broad/too tight" for both races... Wednesday was a lay-day - less rain and can't remember what the breeze did, finally Thursday and Friday were both light to moderate days with some good sailing.

So who did well, well we didn't and more (sorry) about that later... Nick Craig and Claire Upton Brown sailed bloody well all week and ended up on the top of the podium with a day to spare. Things were closer for 2nd & 3rd with Shane McCarthy/Simon Cooke and Jeremy Stephens/Salty, and it was down to the final race on Friday to decide, but Shane managed it, keeping Jeremy (my favorite to win @ the start of the week) in 3rd.

As for the rest of the results, these will be posted when I can either remember them or they get published elsewhere! Johnny Woodward had a good week crewed by Katey coming about 6th and Baz & Jules came in around 12th. Also of note is Youngy and Rich who ended up in a very good 24th place overall... well done to all the midlanders and anyone else I know for a good nationals....

BTW me and James only managed 17th overall, disapointing but worse things happen at sea..

Overall as far as yachting goes it was a good week, Porthpean SC hosted the champs very well and everyone had a good time on and off the water...

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