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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Enterprise Nationals Weather Forecast

Well, its getting very close now, this is your last weekend of freedom, so you'll either be madly practising, chilling out or gaining brownie points with the family! If any of you are even remotely like me your eyes will be firmly glued to every weather forecast from now until the end of the Nationals trying to work out what kind of a wekk its going to be, well... this according to Bill Giles of the BBC Weather the forecast for the Nationals week, taken from his 30 day forecast:

Saturday 26 July to Friday 1 August

The best of the weather this week is likely to be across southern parts of the country, especially in the second half of the week.

For south Wales, the Midlands, East Anglia, southern England and the Channel Islands it looks like a pretty miserable start to the week with cloudy, showery weather for most places, but after midweek, as the pressure starts to rise, it could become drier and warmer with some sunny spells as the showers slowly die out.

For the remainder of the country, that's northern England, north Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland it will be a dull wet start to the week and in Northern Ireland and Scotland in particular, quite windy at times. The showers or longer spells of heavy rain will continue through many of these northern areas right through the week.


Hmmm, not sure exactly what that tells us... answers on a postcard!

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