Skandia Team GBR

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Well, so far the weather, as always, is not shaping up to be nice, unless its gonna blow/rain itself out?? Still I think that the on the river tactics are still the same as always:

1. No matter what happens stay in any little patch of breeze you can find!
2. Avoid the rowing boats, there fast, quiet and bloody pointy.
3. While everyone is sailing past you in a F3 and your becalmed, try to stay chilled, hitting people and things doesnt help!
4. The wind always bends by the bank, hug it and stay with it.
5. Watch out for typhoons (honestly there was one 2 years ago!)
6. Don't tack on every shift, just the ones that last longer than 5 secs!

I'm sure there's more... I'll post when I think of them - any other questions on tactics then ask them through the FAQ service or email me...

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