Skandia Team GBR

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


So, the suns out theres a gentle breeze blowing, its warm, its the end of June.... how many of you wish you weren't @ work right now and were either at home, or out yachting??

Days like today, make you wish you could just check yer PC into the skip, put on your shorty 'n shades and rig up and sail off... i guess thats what SoulSailing is definately about - sailing cus you can, cus you want to, cus it makes you feel goooood.

Question: how many of you have ever ditched work to go sailing, anyone been in the great position where they could go sailing during their lunch breaks? I know there are some fanatical yachters out there - I know a few of them in the Ent fleet... let me know...

Although my closest patch of water, Draycote, is not lookin' too cool at the moment, theres a distinct lack of wind @ the Draycote Water Web Cam

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