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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Speed Sails Enterprise Masters @ Burghfield SC

Thanks to Johnny for supplying the results so promptly tonight.

By all accounts it was a good weekend, with a decent breeze and weather (and some suprises) for the whole weekend...

Saturday - Wind was 2-3 with glorious sun although the wind was a bit shifty.
Sunday - Weather started off sunny with 1-2. But half way through the second race had a rain storm and a force 5 with several capsizes.

As I predicted earlier in the week the racing was V close and everyone was pushing for the "bullets" in every race. The fleet was very competitive for all of the starts and they ended up with a black flag on all starts.

1st-----Nigel Bird-----Katie Dolling-------Littleton-----1-----15-----1-----2-----4
2nd----Ges Brown----Craig Wheatley----Hallamshire--3-----1------2-----40r---6
3rd-----Nick Jackson--Kerry Jones-------Burghfield---11----2------8-----3-----13

Grand Master
1st Malcolm Lunn Jonathan Woodward Leigh & Lowton

1st Louis Moulden Catherine Hayfield

More detailed account will appear in all the usual places later in the week....

[Listening to: Talking 'Bout My Baby (Midfield General's Disco Reshuffle) - Fatboy Slim - Big Beach Boutique II (06:36)]

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