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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Sailing Minds

Not sure what general opinion is "out there" regarding the state of mind you need to be in to sail at and past peak levels. I read a great book in my younger Optimist days The Winning Mind and have re-read it several times since.

Its failrly light weight with some good practical activities you can do on the water to improve your general performance. A lot of it is about being able to sail 100% subconsciously and naturally so you're mind can focus out of the boat on tactics, elements and the competition.

I particularly like (and have used succesfully) 2 key approaches, the first is mentally sailing round the course, doing boat handling in the mind, tacking on shifts and reacting to incidents - its amazing what scenarios your active brain can think up! When you come to an area that doesn't go well i.e. a bad gybe, you can then replay it in your mind, see where the problem is, fix it, try again until mentally you sail a polished race - its then a lot easier to fix these things on the water... honestly.

The other great exercise, which is even easier to do when your sailing in a 2-man boat, is for the helm to close his eyes and sail by the "feel" of the boat, this is the best way 2 become really in tune with how the boat feels when you are pinching, hitting waves or even sitting in the wrong position in the boat. The book explains it a lot better.

Search for the "Winning Mind" in my Amazon section and you will find the sailing one (above) and other books on this interesting subject.

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