Skandia Team GBR

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Well its gettin hot there, god knows what the breeze is gonna do.. daren't look at the forecast for Sat/Sun... still as long as theres sum breeze and lots of SUN, do we really care... the racing will be good any way.. that is what I luv about the Ents...

Might be an interesting start 2 the day... James is working through most of the morning so the Burgandy Luv Beast will be towing the Ent upto Nottingham this weekend.. if he manages to skive out early enough, then it may be a case of me standing in the water holdin the Ent, busting to get out there, rags up, psyched up, waitin for James to turn up and jump in... (will he still be wearing a shirt&tie???)... If not then I'll probably spend the 1st race sat chilled out on the bank watchin u lot gettin stressy...heheh...

Still the pressure will be on for the next 4 races... no space to have a crappy one or a DSQ for any reason (feelin line shy already!!).

[Listening to: Don't Falter - Mint Royale - On the Ropes (04:13)]

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