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Friday, May 30, 2003

Cool... the weathers looking OK for the weekend for my family to be chillin' and for me to be yachting in Nottingham:
Nottingham Weather 4 the weekend

Bought some "retainers" for my sunnies today, so I should be fully tooled up for battlin' the sun, light breeze and hopefully 30-40 other Ent sailors....

Got them from Legends in Leamington, kind of a surf shop away from the surf.. went in the woman didn't know what I was on about, but the manager straight away said, ahh you want Croakies... yeh damn right thats what I want.... he didn't have any... but I did manage to procure from him the O'Neil equivalent... test drive of those coming up over the weekend, results Sun/Mon

Right, wind-down in progress.. psych-up on going, Ent sailors I'm cummin 2 get ya.....probably, when James eventually turns up :-)

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