Skandia Team GBR

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Boat Names:
Maybe of interest....
Optimist... "Supersonic"... First ever boat, wooden, fast...V proud - got it 2nd hand off the Irish's (Greg or Steve)
Optimist... Won the Nationals '87 in "A Fist Full of Dollars".. I didn't name it, got it off Jeremy Davey.
420, got named in the toilets at Poole Yacht Club.. "Dump and Squirt", say no more
Topper, never named it, wasn't worth bothering with
Enterprise, sailed with Claire, called it "Devi-Ent", sold it after a few years, so we would stay married!
Laser EPS, still got it, never named it.. do you want to buy it, its for sale, Mail Me
Finally, Enterprise again (sucker), James owns it, I'm the nut on the tiller, the boats called "Sofa King Lazy" - say it with a long pause between the words if theres kids about!

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